Master Christopher Santarose was hand selected with his brother Frank to be private students of the legendary Grand Master Kang Ik Mu, Grand Master Park Young Don, Grand Master Park Bu Kwang and Grand Master Pak Jang Hee. He has 38 years of Tae Kwon-Do experience. Master Santarose is also a Certified Level IV Personal Protection Officer (Bodyguard). (TX Dept. Public Safety / Texas Private Security Bureau Board) 

  • Certified 1st Degree Black Belt - Aug. 1980/GrandMaster Kang Ik Mu & GrandMaster Park Bu Kwang.
  • Certified 2nd Degree Black Belt - Aug. 1983/GrandMaster Kang Ik Mu & GrandMaster Park Bu Kwang.
  • Certified 3rd Degree Black Belt - Sept. 1990/GrandMaster Kang Ik Mu & GrandMaster Park Bu Kwang.
  • Certified Instructor - September 1990/GrandMaster Kang Ik Mu & Grand MasterPark Bu Kwang.
  • Certified 4th Degree Black Belt - Nov. 1994/GrandMaster Kang Ik Mu & GrandMaster Frank Santarose.
  • Certified 5th Degree Black Belt - Aug. 2002/ GrandMaster Kang Ik Mu & GrandMaster Frank Santarose.
  • Certified 6th Degree Black Belt - Apr. 2008/GrandMaster Kang Ik Mu.
  • Certified 7th Degree Black Belt - May 2014/ GrandMaster Kang Ik Mu.

Master Christopher Santarose is on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

World Certified 7th Dan May 2014 by Grand Master Kang Ik Mu