Grand Master Ik Mu Kang

grand-master-kang“I was drawn to Taekwondo at age eleven, I couldn’t believe the explosive power of the athletes’ high kicks and their ability to break boards and brick with hands and feet.”

  • ROK Army All-Star Team
  • Grand Master Ik-Mu Kang and Grand Master Bu Kwang Park co-founded Unified Taekwondo in 1973.
  • Executive Committee Member - United States Taekwondo Union / Chairperson, Div. of Education, Certification and Standard Affairs for the year 2000.

“The world is full of too many make-believe black belts. Somebody who earns a belt and quits. They want to learn a little bit of everything fighting and quit. If you want to be a real black belt, you get one chance. If You climbed halfway up the mountain and go down because it’s too hard, you don’t want to climb it bad enough. If you’re on a boat that sinks and you can’t swim to shore, you don’t want it bad enough.” 
-Grand Master Kang Ik Mu

Grand Master Ik Mu Kang is the Technical advisor/ Grand Master Instructor for United Tae Kwon Do. He is the Instructor for Grand Master Frank and Master Christopher Santarose.

grandmaster-ik-mu-kanggm ik mu kang sidekick