Here are some cool pic from the Unified Tournament   

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  • Don’t Quit!

    Don’t Quit!

    Standing with Master Bob Smith and GrandMaster Ik Mu Kang at my 7th dan test in Kaneohe, Hawaii May, 2014.

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  • UTKD Pictures

    UTKD Pictures

    Start your journey to Black Belt! United Tae Kwon Do will guide you step-by-step on your journey to Black Belt. We…

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  • GM Frank Santarose in Action

    GM Frank Santarose in Action

    Here you will find pictures of GM Frank Santarose in action in the early years of his Tournament career. Also some…

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  • Get in on the Action!

    Get in on the Action!

    Check out our students in Action!

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  • UTKD Videos

    UTKD Videos

    We will be adding cool videos of UTKD in action here in the coming days.

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  • Working together

    Working together

    Students in United Tae Kwon Do work together to help each other achieve their goals. Each individual student learns social…

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  • Discipline


    United Tae Kwon Do instills discipline and strong ethics and values into our students. It's not just about kicking and…

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  • Self Defense for Women

    Self Defense for Women

    Don't be a victim. Here is some truth. In 2014 alone: 6,047 Registered sex offenders in Houston 217 Murders 1000+…

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