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TRAIN LIKE NINJA WARRIORS ON THIS FUN-FILLED, ACTION PACKED WEEKEND! Learn ancient Ninja philosophies along with traditional Ninja weapons such as Nunchukus, Swords, Bo, and Throwing Stars. After intensive training, warriors get to practice their skills on real Ninjas at the “ Trail of Doom”. (Parents: The utmost care is taken to ensure the safety…
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Self Discipline

Self Discipline is a profound  and universal virtue, a virtue that  we must all personally work to develop. Some of the hardest lessons we learn in life have to do with self-discipline. The inability to discipline oneself to study in school will most likely result in poor grades. Poor grades limit ones career choices and…
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Belt Rank Test October 10th

COLOR BELT RANK TEST October 10th @ 10:30 am   [wpseo_address id="2268" show_state="1" show_country="1" show_phone="1" show_phone_2="0" show_fax="0" show_email="1"]
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