Self Discipline is a profound  and universal virtue, a virtue that  we must all personally work to develop. Some of the hardest lessons we learn in life have to do with self-discipline. The inability to discipline oneself to study in school will most likely result in poor grades. Poor grades limit ones career choices and ultimately their ability to produce future income. Self discipline helps us to make good choices and every choice that we make affect not only our own lives, but those of the people around us.Self-discipline teaches us to say, “I can reach my goals by putting forth the commitment and the energy necessary to accomplish them.” In martial arts classes students are encouraged to improve the self-discipline in all areas of their lives. They learn to take responsibility for their actions.

Improving self-discipline and building character are important lessons for martial arts students.

People learn by observation. It is by our example, as martial artists, more than any other method or technique, that we teach this value to our students. We show our students, and others who look up to us in the community as role models, that self-discipline is central to success. Demonstrating our self-discipline and success, encourages others to make the commitment to self-discipline.We know as martial artists: Only through self-discipline can we achieve freedom.

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