Webster’s defines the word ‘respect’ as “noun. courtesy or considerate treatment. verb. to show consideration or esteem.”It goes on to give the synonyms of: Admiration, consideration, deference, esteem, regard,courtesy, honor. If everyone could learn the value of this one word what a wonderful world we would live in. Truly, it is the value of respect and how we apply it to ourselves, the people around us, and our environment that sets the tone of our every aspect of our lives. Each of these elements directly effects the others as well. How can we possible learn to show respect for others and our environment if we do not respect ourselves?

We learn initially from our parents or guardians about respect. Those first, “NO! Don’t
touch the stove.” and “Be nice to the doggy.” help us to realize that our actions affect the
world around us. As we mature, we learn to socialize and interact with others outside of our families and respect plays an important role in how we fit into the world around us. This month’s theme of “Success Begins With Respect...for Yourself, for Friends and Family, for Teachers and Coaches, for the Environment”will reinforce the importance of showing and earning respect.

Can we get respect from others by demanding it? Can money buy respect? Can beauty? True admiration comes from respectable actions. Emphasis will also be placed on the importance of courtesy and how it relates to showing respect for others. Courtesy is much more than the obvious idea of having good manners. Courtesy involves aspects of civility, gentility and politeness that say a lot about us to those around us. We must be aware, though, that we need to make a conscious choice to be courteous and respectful of others. The choices we make determine how well we will interact with others and how comfortable we will be in life’s day to day situations. Can we really be productive and content if we do not have “esteem, regard and honor” in our lives for ourselves, others and our environment? No, we can not.

How does making someone feel special relate to the idea of showing respect? We will
discover the answer to this in the last week of this month’s lessons.
Building up others through words and actions plays a major role in showing and earning respect.
R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (Recognition, Expectation, Self, Praise, Encouragement, Caring, Trust).
Words to live by!

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