Fitness and Nutrition


United Taekwondo offers a unique training experience that is achieving extraordinary results in our members. Our instructors demonstrate very concise, specific stretching techniques which promote increased flexibility and strength in your muscle groups. We teach relaxation skills which enhance performance and help with fatigue. Eye to hand coordination is specifically taught to improve focus and precision. Balance and posture are improved with weekly training also. Strength and speed are also dynamically improved through kicking/punching drills. No more boring aerobics classes! United Tae Kwon Do's fast paced workouts will help you shed those extra pounds in a safe, fun environment.


Proper "fueling" of your body assures our students a road to a healthy, energetic lifestyle. We can help with science-based advice that can help you reach your fullest potential. Start by drinking more water and cutting out sodas and other sugar based drinks. Even "diet" drinks are questionable at best because of the chemical content in the ingredients. Try to to eat more 'whole food" in it's natural state. (Fruits, vegetables, etc.) Buy organic if within budget as they have more strict guideline prohibiting pesticides and GMO grown food.  Stay away from simple carbohydrates such as breads and pastas if you are trying to lose weight. These have very high glycemic indexes and are stored as sugars (with negative effects on blood sugar levels). Be moderate in your desert choices. Don't eat the whole cake. Ask your instructor for some individual tips and watch for more in our quarterly newsletters.

Fitness and Nutrition are essential to the growth of all Martial arts students.



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