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Overcoming Fear

Because children haven’t yet developed the tools to handle difficult emotions – or in some cases, the language to describe them – anxiety can be hard to spot. For kids, anxiety can look like poor impulse control, dropping grades or disruptive behavior. It can also easily be misread as normal shyness. This means that it…
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Becoming a Great Leader

How Do You Become a Great Leader? Becoming a great leader takes time, practice and a plethora of skills. However, you don't have to take classes in leadership to develop the traits and abilities most often associated with positions of authority. Martial arts can also teach such skills. Here are three traits all leaders should have that…
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Webster’s defines the word ‘respect’ as “noun. courtesy or considerate treatment. verb. to show consideration or esteem.”It goes on to give the synonyms of: Admiration, consideration, deference, esteem, regard,courtesy, honor. If everyone could learn the value of this one word what a wonderful world we would live in. Truly, it is the value of respect and how we apply it to ourselves, the…
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Self Discipline

Self Discipline is a profound  and universal virtue, a virtue that  we must all personally work to develop. Some of the hardest lessons we learn in life have to do with self-discipline. The inability to discipline oneself to study in school will most likely result in poor grades. Poor grades limit ones career choices and…
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