Assessing Progress

Assessing Progress is essential to building well rounded martial artists. The instructors perception of the students age, physicality, attention span, effort and enthusiasm is one we take very seriously. Although students work together in color belt rank groups for part of the class they are assessed every day by the instructors.

Many modern day martial arts schools "sell" belts as a way of increasing revenue without consideration of the students proficiency. Our view is, that is a compromise of the leader's integrity at the student's expense. At United, we assess the students daily in their classes for effort, attitude and enthusiasm. Only then after a certain amount of classes are they allowed to Pre-Test. This consists of being able to execute memory, proper technique and finally power. Each student is individually assessed according to their skill level. Once the student has achieved proficiency they will be allowed to participate in belt rank promotion testing.

They will be scored on Basic motion, formal pattern, free sparring pattern (if applicable), focus pad attacks and free sparring (if applicable). Bonus points can be awarded for effort, attitude, enthusiasm and  presentation.


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